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Introducing the HealthFit Program at, inspiring people to improve their diet, exercise, walk, hike and run. Sign up for our free newsletters. Participation is for all levels. Sign up at the Health and Fitness Page.

We are starting programs around Long Island and forming HealthFit Communities, where people can come together and form local groups participating and promoting Health and Fitness providing a good support group. We will create a directory for local businesses for referrals. We can work a great referral marketing plan for your businesses in a HealthFit Community. 

Sponsor a race for opportunities to support a cause and get great visibility and referrals.

LIRunning Inc and HealthFit Today


LIRunning Inc. is a leader in organizing successful running events in the local tri-state area of NY, NJ, CT. Running events provide great visibility and fundraising opportunities for nonprofits. Our professional team does everything from registration and promotion to timing and results.

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Now LIRunning is starting an exciting new program called HealthFit USA. The program is currently being test marketed locally, with plans to expand nationally soon. Are you someone who aspires to be a leader in a new Health and Fitness revolution? If you are a health and fitness professional, contact us about marketing in your communities. 

HealthFit Sponsors can join us in promoting events all over Long Island at our Kiosks at the LIRunning Photo Finish Line. Sponsors are advertised on our website, on race registration and on the race photo's. They will be listed on a new directory on the HealthFit pages of our website and social media.   LI Running Gets Results!

Race Directors: Find out how your race can be a HealthFit Event and have LIRunning manage your event.

Use our Contact Us Page to request more information.

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