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Body Mass Index (BMI) is one of the tools used to determine overall health, but must not be the only tool. Other factors must be taken under consideration, as this video shows. Watch the Video

As you saw in the video, your belly is the most dangerous place to carry excess fat because of its link to health risks. Being normal weight with excess belly fat is even more risky than simply qualifying as obese. In other words, your waistline matters.


Losing that belly fat will reduce your chances of diabetes and heart disease and could also lower your odds of some types of cancer.

Click here for the Loose the Belly Fat Video

Eating the right foods and exercise are the keys to staying in good health and avoiding, even preventing, disease. 

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The program has a lot of information. You don't need to know all the studies and facts, but if your interested in knowing every detail, this program has it. It also has great healthy recipes and exercises to help you burn fat. You will never go hungry on this program. 

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