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Pathfinder Hikes

Every Day is Earth Day for Peconic Pathfinders, but we hope you will join us on our Sunday Earth Hikes. This Easter Sunday hike will explore the link between the Veterans Park in Calverton, (Riverhead Recreation), Preston Ponds (NY DEC), and Robert Cushman Murphy County Park.
Sunday Hikes will show you a different loop each week, from a different starting point. Meet time is 9:00am for April Events. Each hike will be about 5-6 miles. The last hike will be a long hike connecting 4 loops.
Discussion is open... we will provide more information each week as this event evolves.

Empowering health and environmental enthusiasts through innovative events, LIRunning raises funds to support non-profit organizations.

Run and hike, path to a healthy Earth

Feel the breeze, the sun, the dirt

Breathe the air, fresh and pure

See the sights, wild and obscure

Run and hike, path to a healthy Earth

Challenge yourself, test your worth

Push your limits, go the distance

Enjoy the journey, not the instance

Run and hike, path to a healthy Earth

Respect the land, its life and birth

Protect the nature, its gift and grace

Leave no trace, just your pace

It's time to register for Spring Summer Programs! Registration opens in person and online on Wednesday, March 20th at 8:30am.

CREATE YOUR NEW LOGIN for Riverhead Recreation:

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Veterans Memorial Path in Calverton on Facebook. We will be starting Run/Walk programs with Riverhead Recreation going into spring.

Look for the Spring Programs Brochure in your mailbox!

Registration begins March 20st.

RWH Programs begin in April 20th.

But we may start some free introductory sessions. 

Peconic Pathfinders Run/Walk/Hike

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