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Empowering health and environmental enthusiasts through innovative events, LIRunning raises funds to support non-profit organizations.

Peconic Pathfinders was formed to find the hidden, unmarked and lost paths. We clean them up and maintain them. We hope to be allowed to mark them soon. Until then we offer Guided Hikes on Sundays. Join us on our Pathfinder Hikes, Sundays or our Runs and Run/Walks with Island Running on Saturdays. Races will be next. 

Run and hike, path to a healthy Earth

Feel the breeze, the sun, the dirt

Breathe the air, fresh and pure

See the sights, wild and obscure

Run and hike, path to a healthy Earth

Challenge yourself, test your worth

Push your limits, go the distance

Enjoy the journey, not the instance

Run and hike, path to a healthy Earth

Respect the land, its life and birth

Protect the nature, its gift and grace

Leave no trace, just your pace

Pathfinder Hikes

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