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Walkathons, Run/Walk/Hike Events, Health and Fitness Expos

We're not just a timer, we work with you managing your events. We provide a website, just for your event for Registration, Promotion, Timing and Results.
Our system is a complete marketing program! 

Race Management Checklist:

Top Priority:     Contact Us First

We will schedule a meeting and review each step with you. We will work with you every step of the way.  We'll even do most of the work for you.

                                                                              Lets get to work!



Tri State Event Management with ItsYourRace

Renew Your Race!

It's time to renew. It's important to renew your race so that it is always showing on our calendar for year round visability.. We don't have to open registration yet, especially if you haven't approved the date.  You can renew with a proposed date. 

Email me with your proposed date and I'll take care of the renewal for you. Use our contact form or our new email address

We're very excited to start our new year. We have a lot of enhancements we are working on that will make this your best race ever!

Get a Quote 

Not a client? We wold love to work with you. We are not just a timer.

LIRunning provides a full Race Management package providing your race with a website and online registration. We promote your race on our website, Facebook and our newsletters going to over 10,000 active Long Island runners. We can also set your event up in a fundraising format giving your participants the ability to organize fundraising teams and a contest on who can raise the most money.

We'll work with you on setting up your website and organizing your event. Our help and advice is free. We want your race to be successful. We can help you set up a sponsorship program. Sponsors will be your main source of income.   

We'll work with you on setting up your race. The first thing I'd want to do is set up a meeting to work with your race committee.

Results are posted live on the internet with personal results e mailed to the participants shortly after the race and provide photo's and finisher certificates. We provide streaming results, personal results via a printer and a photo booth for additional photo's, a fun added bonus for your participants.

We are very excited with our new services. We can't wait to make your 2018 race your best ever.

Fundraising Format Obtional

LIRunning will set you up with online registration as a standard race but we can now offer you a fundraising option:

Fundraising with ItsYourRace! 

If your event supports a great cause, get your athletes involved with raising money to donate!  IYR features an integrated fundraising platform for individual and team fundraising efforts.

LIRunning will work with you in setting it up the way you want it. In fact, We'll do all the work. We'll sit down with you and your staff and do it with you and/or we can do it via e mail. What ever you want to do.

Innovative Timing System

 Innovative Timing Systems provides leading-edge sports timing solutions and race timing services through a network of over 500 locations and 12,000 events around the world.

Every year we add new and innovative equipment. This year we will be adding Kiosk with streaming results and printouts with your personal results and photo booth.

Race Results

Live online with photos and personal certificates. All on ItsYourRace. An all-inclusive endurance event platform. We bring online registration, an event mobile app, live athlete photos, and live results together seamlessly for your event.

Available from your cell phone or your laptop. Scrolling results in our kiosk with a printer so your participants can print out their personal results and now a photo booth.


Finish line photos available for chip timed events. Photo Booth available for participants to take a "selfie" with their friends. Free to share on social media, but high quality, frameable photos can be purchased with the commission going to the event. sponsorships available to make all photo's free.


LIRunning Race Management


We Do More!

LIRunning will list your event on ItsYourRace event platform. 

We are recommending that all live events have a virtual option so that we can promote your event nationwide and your local runners can join you while they are traveling. 

Participants can run with us live and record their performance on our free app. Or participate, virtually anywhere, any time.

Results will be available online and updated as people finish. 

Download the IYR Virtual Mobile App   

Use the GPS on the App to record your activity!
Take Photo's along the way!
Or submit manually on the results page 

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