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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Empowering health enthusiasts through innovative trail running and hiking experiences to cultivate a deeper appreciation for environmental responsibility at Peconic Pathfinders.

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Earth Day 2022

Our Story

Peconic Pathfinders was formed to find the hidden, unmarked and lost paths and in the spirit of Dr. Robert Cushman Murphy, we support environmental conservation. In 1960 Dr. Murphy led a successful citizen initiative to establish the area as the first major natural park in the Suffolk County Park system. The 2,200-acre park was originally named the Peconic River County Park and renamed on what would have been Dr. Murphy's 100th birthday.


There are many paths, ponds and a river in Dr. Murphy's Park. The only marked trail today is the Pine Barrens Trail, AKA the Paumanok Path. Peconic Pathfinders has found the paths, cleaned them up and maintain them. We hope to be able to mark them soon. Till then we give guided hikes and spread the word of the importance of taking care of our natural surroundings.


Our group cleans, maintains the trails and offer Guided Hikes. Join us on our Pathfinder Hikes, or our runs, run/walks, races and events on weekends up and down the Paumanok Path west of the canal. 

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