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Pine Barrens Trail Center

511 Eastport Manor Rd

Manorville, NY 11949

The Trail Center has been repurposed, but it will always be the trail center for me. It is still a Trail Head and a great place to meet for our hikes. The trail head is your access to the Paumanok Path that stretches 125 miles from Rocky Point to Montauk Point. 

Peconic Pathfinders are looking to link other areas of interest in the local area. 

The map to the left features a few short trails to encourage new hikers and link to the Paumanok Path (also called the Pine Barrens Path) The Blue Trail is also handicap accessible and great for children and adults alike.

The Map above will connect you to our Cranberry Trail that features the old Davis Cranberry Bogs fed by Swan Lake, Calverton Ponds and the Peconic River.

The Green Trail is to serve as a connector from the Cranberry Trail to Calverton Ponds and connecting Calverton Ponds to the Paumanok Path creating a 5.6 Mile loop back to the Trail Center and fills out the eastern portion of the Robert Cushman Murphy County Park.

The red and green paths are cleared and maintained, but not yet marked. We recommend you join us on our guided hikes.

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                            Bob Beattie, Trail Steward and google guide.

                            Happy Trails, Peconic Pathfinders


Staring at the Trail Center, follow the Blue Trail to the fork. Stay right for a short blue loop. Take the left to the next set of signs. 


Take the Orange Trail to the right to take you to Mill Rd. crossing below. Go straight to follow the orange trail till it loops around back to the trail center. follow the white straight ahead to follow the Paumanok Path going west..

What is missing here is that if you want to go to the paumanok east you need to turn right down Mill Rd till you see another white blaze to turn left into the woods.

This needs to be made clear with additional signage.

Sportsman Club

No Trespassing

Paumanok Path East

to Manorville Hills >

Calverton Ponds

Trail Center

Paumanok Path

        < West



Turn Right and follow Mill Road (facing traffic) Look to your left for the white blaze and turn left to follow the Paumanok Path East to the Cranberry Trail and Manorville Hills. The Cranberry Trail is not marked, but turns to the left after you see this sign>>>>

If this sounds confusing, it is. That is why I recommend you join us on our guided hikes until we can mark it properly.

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