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Tri State NY, CT, NJ
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Race Management: Registration, Promotion, Timing, Results

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Long Island Race Management

Long Island Races 
Promotion, Registration, Timing and Results

LIRunning Inc. Race Management,  
Helping non-profits organize events to maximize their fundraising.

Love to Run

At LIRunning, we endeavor to make your race a true event so that you can maximize the fundraising of your race and you ensure that the participants can’t wait to come and do it again at your next race.  Towards that end, LIRunning provides a unique combination of technology, expertise and creative staff to make your event standout from others.

We are runners, race directors and timers. We know what it takes to manage a race. It's our job to make your job easier.

That starts with our first contact as we will advise you every step of the way. We'll set you up with your own website and promote your race to our database of over 10,000 active Long Island Runners and list your race on our websites and newsletters. We'll chip time your race with our powerful Innovative Jaguar Timing System and publish your results live as the runners are crossing the finish line.

All our ResultsTiming/ Island-Timing customers should send in your new date for your event and we'll set it up. 

jaguarits.jpg Innovative Timing Systems
We are here to help! 


LIRunning is available to help and advise on any issue that comes your way. a great race starts with a great website. We'll set up your website and online registration. We'll work with you on your route. LIRunning will promote your event in our online web content and through blast emails to the running community,

On day of race, we will work with you and show you the best and easiest methods to set up and collect registrations.

We are there to start your race and ready to display your finishers as they finish.

Results are displayed, awards sheets are produced and results are live on the internet while the race is going on.

The Leader in Race Timing Technology
jaguaritsyourrace.jpg ITS Innovative Timing Systems


LIRunning has the expertise and the equipment to make your race a successful event that your participants will be telling their friends about and coming back to next year and years to come.

LIRunning is the only Long Island timer that uses the Innovative Jaguar Timing System for all our events and ItsYourRace for registration and results. Jaguar is a high frequency RFID chip timing system that uses overhead antennas instead of ground mats. We have found that ground mats get poor chip reads and don't meet our standards. We are in development and testing our new mat system and are getting very good results. We will be using the new system when you absolutely need a ground mat. The ground systems are perfect for backups and splits.

LIRunning Timing and Race Management works with Innovative Timing Systems and ItsYourRace to provide quality fund raising events for your non profit organization. 

Find out more. Click on LIRunning and give us a call.



We promote your race to our database of over 10,000 active Long Island Runners and list your race on our websites like and and on our blogs and newsletters.

Online Registration and Results!
A great race starts with a great website.

LIRunning provides that with ItsYourRace to register your participants and setup a complete website and mobile app to promote, register, and report professional live results with race photo’s and finisher certificates. 

Your website stays live so that you can promote for next year. 

Contact Us to renew your race or to get a quote.

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