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Issue #2:


Trim Down for Spring

Issue #3:


Good health is all about proper diet and nutrition.
Diet is not about losing weight. It’s about supplying the body with the proper nutrition it needs to function. We feed our bodies with calories and we burn those calories in order to function. When we bring in more calories than we burn, the body stores that energy as fat. To burn that fat, we have to burn more calories than we consume. To stay healthy and fit we need to balance the calories we take in with the calories we burn. 

Sound simple? It’s not. It’s far more complicated. Let’s keep it simple for now.
Good health requires a balanced diet of quality, nutritious, healthy foods and exercise. We'll discuss more in Issue #2

We’ll discuss various ways to burn those calories. My personal favorites are walking, hiking and running. Walking is always a good place to start. It’s simple, it’s cheap and easy to schedule. Just lace up your walking shoes and walk out the door.

Set a goal to walk/run in a event.
Our running group on Long Island is LIRunning. Walkers welcome!. We invite trainers, athletes, clubs, race directors to share here, with other runners. We are branching out to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and surrounding states helping non profits organize walking and running events to raise money for their causes. 

Not on Long Island? Find a race near you at RaceCalendarUSA

The information we share here is for everyone to participate, nationally and worldwide. Feel free to share with us.  

From time to time, we will include products that we discuss is our articles.

See our Shopping Page for a full list.

Great way to tighten that stomach while burning calories. 

Adding protein powder to a smoothie is a great way to get your protein without the fat.  

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