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What if I've never put on an event before?


Virtual Runs provide you with the most simple approach to raise money for your organization. Even if you've never put on an event before, there's never been a better opportunity to get started! We'll assist you through each step along the way. With our Virtual Race Series, we can help you raise the funds you need to continue on your mission.


How do I promote my event?


Announce your virtual race on your website and market it through an email to your past donors. Best of all, anyone in North America can participate in your virtual race, allowing you to reach a larger donor base.


How do I collect donations?

If you charge $15 for your event...we pay you the entire $15! We simply charge the participant our normal processing fee, which is 6% plus $1.50, minimum of $3.25 for each registration.

The IYR Virtual Run/Walk Platform provides the following:


Virtual Run Platform A quick, easy & free solution for non-profits and charities to START RAISING MONEY TODAY!


How does it work?


Tell us you're ready to set up a virtual run for your charity, and we'll work with you to quickly set up information and registration for the event. We encourage you to offer a shirt and medal, which we can provide as an optional part of our service, keeping it simple for you!


We'll help you set a date range for your event and athletes can run at any time they desire. We remind them to finish their run before the closing date and then all of the results are posted. Our dedicated account team will help you throughout the entire process.


Athletes download the FREE ITS YOUR RACE Virtual Race App to use on their selected race day.         IYR Virtual in the Apple App Store



The App will track their run via GPS, as well as: Automatically stop when the athlete reaches their race distance.

They send their time up to the race results posted on ITS YOUR RACE as a verified time.


How do I get started?


Call us today and we'll work closely with you to launch your event. You'll be set up in no time and you can begin generating funds to support your organization.


Phone Number: (631) 904-0691 x101





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LIRunning Inc is located on the Long Island, but we can set you up for your non profit, anywhere in the USA.


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IYR Virtual in the Apple App Store

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